What's it mean to be Vegan anyway?

(And other questions answered)


If you are Vegan, you do not consume the flesh of any animals, including their eggs, or anything created by animals for their own survival i.e. milk and honey, nor do you utilize any products that contain any parts of an animal such as but not limited to fur, feathers and skin, in addition to not using anything that is tested on animals. Animal exploitation and cruelty are a huge No-No!

To put it simply, You Do NO Harm!

I say Vegan, You say Vegetarian. What's the difference?

Quite a bit actually. You see, vegetarians for the most part, focus more on the not consuming animal flesh part of the equation. If you're a pescovegetarian or pescatarian, however, you include a bit of fish to your diet as well. (Technically, that's not truly vegetarianism, but hey, Whatever floats your boat! We'll save that debate for another time.) Furthermore, cheese, milk, and, occasionally, eggs are still part of the menu options for most; all of which is a no go under the guidelines of veganism. Now some vegetarians do attempt to avoid using animal based goods, but others are just fine with simply not adding meat to their plates; whereas vegans go that extra mile by maintaining a strictly plant-based diet and, in essence, a plant-based lifestyle as well.

Why on Earth would  I want to be Vegan?

For the very same reason that you want to take on any other new endeavor. You want to make a change in your life! If that's not enough of a reason for you, how about for your health? What about because it's ethically uplifting? Or it's better for the planet and a much more sustainable way to live? Folks become vegans everyday for many different reasons, and I could wax poetic about all of them, but I'll save all that for another time, get to the nitty-gritty, and break it down for you into three main categories of consideration; Health, Ethics and Environment. Click here to learn more

What do Vegans eat, rabbit food?

Yes and No! Sure you'll eat carrots, leafy greens, berries and other fruits, and occasionally grass (Wheat grass!), but that's where the similarities to rabbit food should end. If you manage a proper vegan plant-based diet, you'll have a wonderful variety of things at your disposal to add to your culinary arsenal to eliminate boredom and stave off hunger. You definitely shouldn't feel like your starving. Want to know more? Click here

Why would I    want to eat fake "meat" anyway?

Let's face it, most of us modern-day folk didn't grow up in a vegan commune and have been heavily influenced by the customary use of meat as a dietary staple for the majority of our lives and just because your making changes doesn't mean that you need to make your transition as difficult on yourself as humanly possible. Fake "meat" or more politely, meat-alternatives act in the same fashion as a cigarette patch does to someone that is trying to quit smoking. Old habits die hard and most cannot successfully quit something such as smoking without a helping hand. Same goes for quitting eating meat, a habit that has been cultivated since infancy. Hence, meat substitutes. You can buy them or make them yourself, but I can guarantee you that there are some tasty options either way. 

How do Vegan's get their PICB12? Click within the parenthesis below to learn more

  • (P) -OMG, seriously, protein is readily available in everything! Eat some nuts, Protein! Munch on some leafy greens, boom Protein! Cook up some quinoa and there it is again, wonderful Protein! Beans, fruit, meat-alternatives, you name it, protein, Protein, PROTEIN! You get the idea. No need to worry, you'll get your required daily value easy peasy. 

  • (I) -Being a trace mineral absorbed by plants through the soil, you can find traces, pun intendedof Iron in the majority of things that you'll eat.

  • (C) -Calcium is yet another mineral that you will get by eating those pesky green leafy things called vegetables that your mama always told you were good for you. Blackstrap molasses, tofu, tempeh, almonds, the list goes on and on, are all calcium rich foods. Better still, the market is such now that there are tons of options of tasty foods and juices fortified with calcium. 

  • (B 12) -Here's were a supplement is your friend. Sure you can eat fortified foods too, but to make sure you get your daily values of 250+ mcg, roughly 2000+ mcg weekly, make a vegan B 12 supplement your new BFF. 

 Isn't it super expensive to be vegan?   

I'm not even going to lie to you; it very well can be extremely expensive to be vegan. I say this for those that just have to eat out every night at the latest posh vegan eatery or those that buy all the major labels at the grocery store. If you don't cook and don't know how to bargain shop then you're screwed. You're going to break the bank. If you want to know how not to go broke while going vegan click here.