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Hey there, I'm so excited you're here!

 I've got a little juicy secret to tell you too. Want to hear it? I hope you said yes. Did you say yes? Fantastic! I just knew you would. You and I are going to get along great, I can tell. Okay, now lean in, and I'll whisper it in your ear. Come on. Closer. Closer! OK, here it goes...


 I (period) AM (period) VEGAN (exclamation point) 

 Alright, maybe all caps isn't much of a whisper and maybe, just MAYBE, what I had to tell you wasn't much of a secret for that matter, but OMG, I'm Vegan! That's right, I've finally jumped into the proverbial vegan pool with both feet, and I must say I am enjoying the cool, refreshing, conscious lifting dip. If you want to join me on my journey of veganism and learn the ins and outs of being the only vegan in the house, read reviews on some of the vegan recipes I've tried, try out some of my own good eats, explore and learn about some great products I've come across or to just laugh hysterically at my Vegan gaffes, then please join me at The  Vegan  Star Chronicles. I look forward to your visit and hope we become fast friends.

See you soon.

Chrissy M.

P.S. Don't forget to check out my Bits of Positivity section for a mix of daily tips, motivational quotes, and just plain old-fashioned food for thought on staying the course and living your best vegan life.   Click here

I Looooove to talk, so drop me a line, tell me what's on your mind and let's chat about  all things VEGAN!


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This is a blog about how to become vegan and practical ways to living your best vegan life . On this site, you will see recommendations of affiliate products, services, or programs for vegans. As such, posts and other areas of this blog may contain affiliate links. If you were to make a purchase through one of these links, The Vegan Star Chronicles will receive a small piece of the pie at no extra cost to you. This, in turn, will help keep this site going. Please click here to access the disclosure policy for more details


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Practical Ways to Living Your  Best Vegan Life!

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