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The Vegan Star Chronicles is a personal blog and, as such, delivers heavily opinionated content (including but not limited to its posts, conversations and comments) that may not or does not reflect the opinions of any of its affiliates and is not to be taken as professional and/or medical advice. By accessing and using this blog in any way, you agree to the following...

1. The Nature of this sight

You understand and accept that The Vegan Star Chronicles is a blog and is written as a form of informational entertainment and cannot be relied upon to have 100% accurate, factual information at all times and is not to be considered the solicited advice/opinion of a medical professional or any other professional persons or organizations.

2. Opinionated Content

You understand and accept that The Vegan Star Chronicles, as a personal blog/website, delivers heavily opinionated and continually changing and updated content, comments, and conversations that are not to be taken by you, the reader of this blog or user of this website, as a direct or official statement on behalf of any of The Vegan Star Chronicles affiliates and is not to be mistaken as the advice or opinion of medical professionals or any other persons or organizations. In addition, you understand and accept that even though The Vegan Star Chronicles makes every effort to provide accurate and true information, that there could be errors, mistakes and omissions throughout the blog/website at any given time. As such you agree to not hold The Vegan Star Chronicles, It's Owner, and author(s), and it's affiliates legally/financially liable should any loses, both financially and physically, befall you should you chose to attempt to use any of the information and/ or purchase any items, subscriptions, etc throughout this blog/website. (See Assumption of Risk and Indemnification Agreement below)

3. Terms of Use

By visiting and using The Vegan Star Chronicles website in any way, you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age or older or have your parent(s)/legal guardian(s) consent to use this site. You (the individual) or you (the minor) and your parent(s)/legal guardian(s) agree that you are aware of and accept that you understand all the terms, conditions, policies, and notices stated here and throughout this website and that you have carefully read all available information as it relates to said policies, terms, conditions and notices. As such, you (the individual) or you (the minor) and your parents/legal guardian(s) also agree that you will not hold The Vegan Star Chronicles, it's owner, author(s) and it's affiliates legally liable for any misuse of the information provided throughout this website. The Vegan Star Chronicles reserves the right to update, change or replace any and all of its policies and the direction of the blog itself at any time and without notification to its members; by your continued visitations, subscription enrollment and use of all parts of this website, you (the individual) or you (the minor) and your parents/legal guardian(s) agree that you have seen, read, and fully understand all of these changes and agree to be bound by them. NOTE: The term the Individual refers to those that are of legal age in the state, country or province in which they reside and do not need the consent of a parent/legal guardian to agree to any terms, policies or conditions found throughout this site. Whereas, the term the minor refers to anyone that has not met the legal age requirements in their state, country or province and must gain their parents/legal guardian(s) consent to agree to any terms, policies or conditions throughout this site. Outside of this section (Section 3. Terms of Use) of the Terms of Use Policy, the individual, the minor, and the parents/legal guardian(s) of the minor, all will be referred to as "you","your" and/or "yours."

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4. Assumption of risks and Indemnification Agreement

The information presented at The Vegan Star Chronicles blog/website is for entertainment and/or informational purposes only and should not be seen as or considered any kind of professional advice, such as, but not limited to, medical, legal, financial, emotional and/or spiritual council. If you voluntarily choose to utilizing the information presented on this site, with or without seeking proper professional consultation, you know and understand that it is at your own risk and you agree to indemnify, hold harmless and free of all legal liability The Vegan Star Chronicles, it's owner, author(s), all its affiliates, and all other contributors (both current and future) from any and all claims, demands, suits, actions or causes of action should you fall ill, require emergency medical attention, and/ or befall any other unknown calamities including but not limited to personal, mental, or bodily injury as a user of The Vegan Star Chronicles website.

5.  Reservation of Rights

You understand and agree that as the owner of and the primary contributor to The Vegan Star Chronicles, I reserve the right to change how the blog is managed and/or operated. In addition, I may change the focus, direction, layout, and content of the blog/website at any time without any notification to you the user/subscriber of this site.

6. Subscription Services

The Vegan Star Chronicles offers a portion of its blog/website for only those viewers that purchase and maintain a subscription. This area is known as The VSC VIPs . For a monthly subscription fee of $2.99, you will receive The Vegan Star Chronicles monthly newsletter, access to personally developed recipes, an automatic single entry into any product/service freebies/giveaways offered, and direct links to recipes and products that have been tried, tested and reviewed by me. You understand and accept that The Vegan Star Chronicles holds all rights to cancel your subscription at any time with or without prior notification to you, the subscriber, for any reason and without refund of any paid portions of your subscription dues should you be found in breach of any portion(s) of The Vegan Star Chronicles Terms of Use Policy. You also understand and accept that, as the subscriber, you have the right to cancel your subscription at any time without any prior notification to The Vegan Star Chronicles, but will not receive reimbursement of any paid portions of your subscription dues prior to your cancellation. 

7. Communication Policy

The Vegan Star Chronicles has been established to be an inclusive place where like minded individuals can come together to share, learn, and grow in all things vegan. This blog/website is intended to be a place of positivity and maturity. You are encouraged to leave comments and to ask questions, but are expected to be courteous and respectful so all that visit The Vegan Star Chronicles can feel welcomed. By making comments on this blog, you agree to and accept that your comments can and will be deleted, and you can and will be blocked from making any future comments if 1) your comments are intentionally disrespectful to any other patrons of or contributors to this blog/website 2) your comments contain excessive amounts of profanity which I deem to go against the image of The Vegan Star Chronicles brand and 3) you are leaving comments for solicitation purposes only i.e. SPAM. If you are a subscriber, you understand, agree, and accept that your subscription membership can and will be canceled without refund of any monies paid toward said membership should you breach the Comments Policy established by The Vegan Star Chronicles.

8. SPAM and Solicitation Prohibition Policy

 The Vegan Star Chronicles has been established as a place for myself, Chrissy M. (Owner and Primary Contributor) to express my personal thoughts and share my personal experiences on my vegan journey. Only content that I deem acceptable, appropriate, and have personally created and/or approved in relation to veganism is permissible on this blog/website . As such, any outside solicitation that has not been approved or permitted by me, in writing, will automatically be removed. Furthermore, any  subscription memberships established with the soul intention to solicit will be canceled and your account with The Vegan Star Chronicles will be removed and your information blocked. As a subscriber, you understand, agree, and accept that any monies paid to the Vegan Star Chronicles, the Owner, or its Contributors prior to your removal from the subscription program and the dissolving of your account will not be refunded should you breach The Vegan Star Chronicles' Spam and Solicitation Prohibition Policy. If you have not established an account/ subscription with The Vegan Star Chronicles, yet are leaving SPAM comments, please know that your comments will be deleted and you will be blocked from making any future contributions to any conversations on this blog/website.