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Your privacy and protection while accessing and utilizing any part of The Vegan Star Chronicles ("The VSC") blog/website is of the utmost importance. Therefore, this Privacy Policy ("Policy") is provided to help you understand how your personal information is collected, used, stored, and shared when you visit our website or make use of any portion of our online platforms and services offered at The Vegan Star Chronicles' Privacy Policy has been designed and created with the sole purpose of providing assurance to our affiliates of our commitment and realization of our obligation to meet all existing privacy standards. This policy applies to and governs any and all data collection and usage practices by us. We highly recommend and suggest that you peruse this Policy and its statements thoroughly. By accessing and utilizing any and all portions of The Vegan Star Chronicles blog/website,  you understand, agree with and therefore fully consent to the data retrieval procedures described in this policy. 

 Information    We Collect

When you visit The VSC blog/website, we receive, collect, and store your personal identifiable information when you voluntarily disclose it to us. Certain information about your device, however, will also be automatically collected. Such as, but not limited to, the type of web browser you are using, your IP address, and cookies that are installed on your device .



Furthermore, The VSC utilizes analytical tools to measure and track your use of the site; i.e. information about what web pages you have viewed, the length of those page visits, page interactions, methods used to browse away from the current page, what topics you have placed in our search engine, purchases you have made, and data about which websites and/or search terms directed you to will all be collected.

 In order to provide you with the most optimal experience, throughout the site you will be prompted to provide certain personal identifiable information should you choose to access certain areas and/or to use certain products or services available at The Vegan Star Chronicles. This may include, but is not limited to (a) registering for an account on the site (b) leaving ratings and/or comments on the site (c) subscribing to the VSC VIPs membership program (d) entering giveaway contests sponsored by The Vegan Star Chronicles or its affiliates (e) contacting The VSC via email (f) submitting a request to use photos or any other copyrighted materials that are property of The Vegan Star Chronicles and it's owner, Chrissy M. (g) submitting your credit card details or other payment information when making purchases on our site. You are under no obligation to disclose that information but please be advised that we reserve the right not to register you as a user or provide you with any products or services.

 The personal identifiable information that The Vegan Star Chronicles collects is as follows:

  • First and Last Names

  • Email Address

  • Password

  • Telephone Number

  • Payment Details (mailing/billing address, credit card information)

  • Comments

  • Communications

  • Feedback

  • Reviews and Recommendations

Absolutely no personal information will be collected or stored by The Vegan Star Chronicles without you first volunteering that information via manual input or simply visiting our blog/website.

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  How We Collect Your Device  and Personal Information

With every visit to our site your computer hardware and software is collected automatically as stated above. 

As stated above, your computer hardware and software information will be automatically collect and your personal information may be requested and required throughout The Vegan Star Chronicles blog/website. All this is with the sole purpose to maintain day to day operations and to provide analytical data to The Vegan Star Chronicles that promotes content that is of interest and relevant to guest and subscribers of the site.  This information will never be sold or distributed in any other fashion to a third party under any circumstances unless it is legally required of The Vegan Star Chronicles or it is believed to be necessary, in good faith, to do so. The Vegan Star Chronicles will release your information, without notice to you, if (a) it is necessary to comply with the law or any legal proceedings issued to The Vegan Star Chronicles and/ or it's Owner (b) it required to protect and defend the rights and proprietary content of The Vegan Star Chronicles (c) it is warranted to protect 

  Why Do We Collect Your Device  and Personal Identifiable Information

  How We  Store and Use Your   Personal  Information

How We Share and Disclose Your Personal Information


Data Retention and Withdrawal of Consent

The VSC  Privacy Policy and Affiliate Links

This Policy does not, in any way, shape or form govern the collection and use of your personal identifiable information by companies that are affiliated with The Vegan Star Chronicles, yet The VSC does not control. Nor Does it apply to individuals that are not employed or managed by us. If you visit a website that we have mentioned or linked to, you do so at your own risk, and are advised to review that site's privacy policy and statements before providing the site with your personal information. 

Privacy Policy Changes and Updates

At any given time, The Vegan Star Chronicles reserves the right to change all or part of its privacy policy to reflect changes to its practices, day to day operations, and to keep itself up to date with current legal and regulatory guidelines. To make sure that you have the most current information in regards to this policy, we advise you to frequently visit this page. Please note: If at any point The Vegan Star Chronicles ops to make use of any personal identifiable information that we currently have on file, in a manner that is vastly different from previously stated when this information was originally collected, the user(s) shall be notified by email immediately. At that time, the user(s) shall have the option to permit or decline the use of their information in this manner.

Contact  Us

If you should have any questions, comments, or complaints regarding our privacy practices or would simply like more information about our policies please contact The Vegan Star chronicles via email at