Hello, Chrissy M. here! I'm a wife, a stay at home mama of two, an educator, and a vegan blogger hailing from the Midwest (USA). I have developed a passion for eating vegan and living a vegan lifestyle, but this wasn't always the case and I'll tell you why...


Growing up, meat was always at the center of practically every meal I consumed and I never gave it one iota of thought really. Sure, I understood the concept of animal cruelty, but that only equated to how people treated their pets, not what they put on their plates and how it got there. In my family, avid fishermen and hunters abound, and even though that was never my thing and I took great offense to Bambi getting slaughtered, I didn't bat an eye at how the pork, beef or chicken ended up on my plate. I must admit I was a late bloomer in the consciousness department and even then my attempts to change my habits didn't garner much, if any support; things didn't really take shape for me until I was nearly finished with high school. I was sick and tired of all of the toxic fast food fare, fried chicken, BBQ pork and the like. When I decided I had had enough, I became vegetarian. Vegetarian was where I drew the line, though; God forbid if I had to give up dairy, especially cheese and let's not forget, ice cream too. Those two things I couldn't live without, so I happily stayed in my comfort zone for the next 15 years, eating my fruits, veggies, and meat alternatives and consuming every bit of cheese and every scoop of ice cream this girl could get her hands on. Somewhere along the line though, the concept of veganism became an intriguing, yet fleeting thought that came and went time and time again and when I became pregnant with my first child I made the worst decision ever; call it hormones or temporary insanity, call it whatever you want, but my bright, extremely crazy idea was to convert back to being a meat eater. GASP! The HORROR! You see, my thought was that I wouldn't have to make multiple meals down the line when my little one began eating solids because we would all be eating the same thing, but trying to save myself a bit of food prep headache turned into a 5 year downward spiral of complete misery. Physically, I felt sluggish, weighed down, and tired; emotionally, I wasn't much better off either. My mood swings were epic and my conscious was taking a beating as I was still learning more and more about the dynamics of our "lovely" food industry, factory farming, and all that. After my second kiddo came along, I was so done! I wasn't going to live this way anymore, so I cut the meat cold turkey, no pun intended, and went back to being vegetarian. BUT, just going this route wasn't enough for me this time around so I began the slow, arduous task of researching how to become a vegan. After a few months of looking at the same information, I realized that I was just procrastinating over my transition to veganism. I just needed to do it, so I took a leap of faith and went for it! I'm still learning and still exploring, but, I must say, becoming a vegan, being vegan is truly my happy place and thus The Vegan Star chronicles was born.

The Vegan Star Chronicles

is dedicated to my personal journey into vegan-hood and is here to offer a supportive place for like-minded individuals to gather, to learn, and to grow. 

You can look forward to:

  • Weekly fact-filled and humorous anecdotes of my day to day vegan life.

  • Tips on how to get started on your own vegan journey and how to manage a healthy vegan lifestyle for you, your family and the environment.

  • Learning how you can convert some of your favorite eats into yummy vegan options

  • Reviews on recipes that I have tried in my very own kitchen from all across the vegan blogosphere and a sprinkle of my own recipes thrown into the mix for you to try as well.

  • A positive atmosphere in which to explore veganism to it's fullest. 

  • Practical Ways To Living Your Best Vegan Life!

What you won't find here is:

  • Perfectionism. After all, I'm only human and a relatively new Vegan to boot, but if you stick with me, I'll be sure to give you thorough research on all topics of discussion to the very best of my abilities and I might just make you laugh a little too.

  • Negativity. Here at The Vegan Star Chronicles, negativity is a big NO-NO because it goes against the very premise of the positive atmosphere that's being established here. 

  • Boredom. Well, hopefully not anyway! I'll leave you to be the judge of that.


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